County & Open Team Championships

The entry form for the County & Open Team Championships is now available for download.


2016 Summer League

Current Standings are now being posted

 Junior Summer League Rules are available from Documents

Calling all archers in Hertfordshire

Have you entered the County Championships ? If not then please don’t leave it until the last minute, it doesn’t help the organiser when that happens and as we are hosting the Herts v Beds match this year there will be a good few spaces taken by the Beds team. Don’t find yourself in a position where you are unable to shoot in your own County championships because you left it too late and no spaces were available.

And for everyone who is currently trying for selection to the Herts team at this match, Junior and Senior, make sure all relevant scores have been submitted before midnight on 11th June. That is the cut off date the selectors will be working to. Make sure a declaration form has been submitted, if unsure then submit another one! For those of you who think you are not good enough, why not submit your scores anyway, some of you may be pleasantly surprised.

Come on Hertfordshire Archers let’s make an effort this year and get those entry forms in before the deadline.

Thank you


HAA 50th County & Open Double One Way Clout

The entry form for the 50thCounty & Open Double One Way Clout is now available for download.