HAA County Committee meeting

At the last County Committee meeting we had the pleasure of being introduced to two new faces. Well at least new to the committee. Stuart Barber has joined us as Junior Representative, he currently shoots at Stortford Archery Club and can be contacted via [email protected] he is keen to hear your ideas especially if you are still a junior. We wish him the best of luck in this important and challenging role. The second new face shoots over at Green Dragon Bowmen, Dave Leader is to take on the role of coordinating score submissions for the selectors and squad organisers. We are splitting the current responsibilities of the Records officer in an attempt to clarify the situation for archers.

All county record claims should still be submitted to the county records officer who has a new e-mail address[email protected] the forms and information pages are being updated as we speak so please be patient. The selectors are widening the score criteria in an attempt to get a better idea of who is doing what out there and Dave will be coordinating this information. Again, the selection pages are being updated so keep an eye on things there. Dave can be contacted at [email protected] So that’s two volunteers at once, these things usually happen in threes so do we have a budding tournament coordinator or SCAS representative out there just waiting for the right moment?

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