64th County & Open Championships

The  2015 County & Open Championships   were held for the first time at Jobbers Wood near Bishop’s Stortford, an excellent venue, the only downside to a perfect shooting day was the very strong wind which some archers found slightly off putting. As a result only one archer managed to register the full 144 scoring arrows, so that does give you an idea of the conditions. Despite losing a couple of County Archers to other events ( How did you all do? Please let us know?) and pre booked holidays it was heartening to see so many Championship virgins, and even some York/Hereford ones to.

With such a strong wind all day it did mean that shooting was a bit slower than one would normally expect, all I can say is, be grateful you didn’t have timed ends. And many of you looked how I felt at the end but it did stay dry as I managed to divert not one but two rather dark cloud formations around the field rather than over it.

The results have been sent out, the field returned to its owner, so now is a good time to think about next year when we hope to be able to return to our regular slot. Anyone with a suitable venue? Anyone like to have a go at running the event? Don’t put it off, just let your County rep. know.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to making the day so enjoyable.

Philip Lambert

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