Junior Winter League Rules

All juniors shooting in League matches will be entered into both the winter team league and the
individual league. The more you shoot the more chance you have of winning a medal.

  1. The round will be a Portsmouth
  2. The round will be shot under G.N.A.S rules.
  3. Teams will consist of any number of archers for recurve, compound, longbow and barebow.• If longbows score then they automatically have a plus handicap of 20% added to each
    longbow/barebow score used.
    • If compound archers shoot then the score for each compound will be deducted 10% from
    the compound score used.
    Although not totally fair it does give all archers irrespective of bow style the chance to compete
  4. All matches are postal on a month by month fixture list provided by the HAA leagues Organiser.
  5. The home team is detailed first in the fixture. It is each clubs responsibility to submit the scores
    for their juniors each month.
  6. Results will be awarded for the top 3 juniors scoring after alterations for bow style have been
    made. Please make the adjustment in accordance with normal rounding rules before submitting
    scores to the HAA leagues officer.
  7. ALL SCORES MUST BE COUNTED for qualifying archers/numbers as rule 6 above. All scores
    must be submitted for individual league tables.
  8. If the opposition fails to raise a Junior team, the result will be a win to the team participating.
  9. Points are awarded to teams as follows:
    A win carries 10 points, with the losing team getting bonus points for each archer (up to a
    maximum of 3). This may encourage them to shoot even if they believe they are unable to
    Win = 10 points
    Draw = 6 points
    Loose = 1 point plus 1 point for each archer up to 3 points.
  10. Results are to reach the organiser by the 7th day of the month following the fixture. Failure to
    submit the result by this date will result in the match being awarded to the opposing team.
  11. All juniors shooting in the league will be issued with a league participation medal at the end of
    the season. These are made and given out by each club.
  12. Archers can only shoot for the club that they have nominated through ArcheryGB.
  13. The Hertfordshire Archery Association must be the Archer’s first named county.
  14. If a Hertfordshire Archer changes clubs within the county after the start of the league season
    they will not be able to compete for their new club for the duration of the current season.
  15. Only one score per archer will be accepted.
  16. Archers may only compete as a junior or senior, not as both within the same league season.
  17. Archers may compete in the senior frostbite league.
  18. The HAA County Junior Representative’s decision is final.

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