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Call for contributions….

I’m guessing that most, if not every club has some form of news letter or mailing list for their members and through through them, pass on some interesting archery related articles- well, care to share ?

It doesn’t have to be  from archives of your newsletters, it may be something that your club is currently running for its members which may be of help or interest to other clubs.

To get things rolling, here  is an article by Bill Hails on the  252 scheme they are running over at Royston Heath Archery Club.

If you have something archery rated that you would like to share, please contact me.


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Club Locations

The Club Location Page is now available

If a map pin is off target - please send me  the  correct Geocode


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Welcome to the new Website

Back in September Phil was saying that the Website was in need of a facelift , well here it is.

If you have any comments or find something that doesn’t  work , please tell the webmaster

 If reporting a fault, please include your browser and Operating System details.

There are still one or two things to move across – mainly hstorical match results and bringing the county records section up to date,  so until it is all completed  the  old site  will remain accessible. 

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