Claims Procedure

What records can be claimed?

Records can be claimed for rounds as defined by current Archery GB Rules of Shooting and Shooting Administration Procedures. If there is a discrepancy between the rules and the published UK Records then the published UK Records will be used as the definitive definition. In addition to the Archery GB rules, HAA also recognise the following rounds:

  • Starlight (5 dozen @ 60yds 122cm face, 10 zone scoring)
  • Frostbite (3 dozen @ 30m 80cm face, metric scoring)
  • Separate target indoor records for U14 juniors (from 18/19 season)
  • Separate multi-spot records for indoor rounds/bow styles which are regularly shot with multi-spot faces, i.e. all compound rounds have separate multi and single spot records.

When can records be claimed?

  1. A new record shall be established when a score is at least one point higher, or in Flight, when a greater distance is achieved.
  2. The record must have been shot whilst the archer was affiliated to Hertfordshire Archery Association.
  3. Records may be claimed for scores achieved at competitions shot under Archery GB or WA rules including for rounds shot at clubs on a designated club target day.
  4. Juniors should claim for the appropriate round for their age group (or higher).
  5. If a junior score is higher than the senior record, they can claim the senior record.
  6. If a junior shoots as a senior in an external competition they can still claim a junior record.
  7. Juniors become seniors on reaching their 18th birthday.

How can records be claimed?

  1. All claims must be made on the official claim form as published on the HAA website.
  2. The form must be received by the County Records Officer within 6 months of the score being achieved.
  3. For scores shot at club level, a score sheet (scanned or photo) must be provided with the claim form. (electronic scoresheets will not be accepted).
    • The scoresheet must contain the following details:
      • Date shot
      • Archer’s name
      • Round shot
      • Bow type
      • Signed by the archer and Target Captain
    • The club records officer must confirm that the score was shot to Archery GB/WA rules and on a club target day.
  4. For external competitions, the archer may give the CRO the web link to the official results either on the claim form or by e-mail (This will not be necessary for HAA tournaments). If the official results do not contain all the information required to confirm the claim (e.g. distance records), then a score sheet (scanned or photo) must also be provided.
  5. If the supplied score sheet has any unsigned arrow score adjustments then the record claim will be rejected.
  6. If a para record is being claimed then the appropriate classification documentation must also be provided.
  7. When the CRO has checked that the score is a new record, it will be put on the HAA website under “Claims Awaiting Ratification”.
  8. Claims are ratified at County meetings (normally held every 2 months).
  9. Once they are ratified, the CRO’s records and those on the website will be updated. The new record may also be published on official online HAA channels.
  10. New record holders will receive a county record certificate.
  11. If a record is rejected then the claimant will be informed via email with the reason for rejection.