Forms, templates etc.

If you come across any useful forms or templates, or even handouts that you have collated and would like to share them with others we can drop them here.

Performance profiling is a very useful tool for identifying areas of improvement in an archer as well as reinforcing a positive confirmation of aspects of the archers makeup. There are two documents which you may find useful, the first is a simple bitmap of a performance profile web, asign an aspect of the archers form for example to each of the segments around the outside and get them to colour in the segment up to the level they think they are achieving for that element. The more colour, the more confident the archer is of their ability to perform that element of the shot. Now you fill the same thing in for them and see where the differences are. Perceived ability or even lack of it and the coaches analysis may well be very different. The second file is a simple excel spreadsheet, score each of the elements from 1 to 10 for each of the categories and look at the results that appear on the web charts

Profile Bitmap

Profiling spreadsheet

Ever needed a proforma for recording bow setup and arrow details? There are better ones than this but until someone send it too me you will have to make do.

Specification Sheet

How often do you have to go through the same talk with your beginners to explain about rounds and scoring? Here’s a nice guide for them which covers almost everything they will ask in those first few years.

Guide to Target Archery Rounds, Scoring, Handicaps and Classifications