Winter League Rules

1. The Portsmouth round is to be shot indoors and the Frostbite shot outside. The Frostbite round shall consist of 3 dozen arrows at 30 metres on an 80 cm face.

2. All rounds to be shot under G.N.A.S. rules

3. Teams consist of 5 Archers for recurve, 2 for compound and 3 for Longbow.

4. Each fixture is a postal match.

5. Each match must be shot on a Club Target Day or at an official Tournament. Proper scoring rules must be applied. The best scores from each month may be entered provided proper rules of shooting have been adhered to.

6. If a Club enters more than one team in the same league, the top scores are used to make the ‘A’ team, the next form the ‘B’ team etc.

7. Clubs may have to shoot against an ‘average of winning scores’ in their particular division in that month.

8. Points are awarded to teams as follows:-

  •  Win = 2 points
  •  Loss = 0 points
Hits, Golds, Tens, Nines etc are taken into account, in the event of a draw, to decide a winner.

9. Medals will be awarded to the winning team in each division.

10. Results are to reach the Organiser by the 7th day of the month following the match. Failure will result being awarded to the opponents, provided they have sent in their scores in time.

11. Archers can only shoot for the Club that they have nominated through G.N.A.S.

12. The Hertfordshire Archery Association must be the Archers’ first named county.

13. If a Hertfordshire Archer changes clubs within the County after the start of the League Season they will not be able to compete for their new Club for the duration of the current season.

14. Only one score per Archer will be accepted in each discipline. An Archer may compete in more than one discipline.

15. The winner in a lower division will be promoted at the end of the competition. The lowest placed team in the higher division will be demoted. Should any other club in a higher division have a total score less than 2nd place in a lower division, then they will be demoted also, and their position in the higher division be taken by that club.

16. A club must send in scores for at least 3 of the 5 matches for each discipline they have entered. Failure to do this will mean, that club will be unable to enter a similar team in that particular discipline the following year. If however a club withdraws a team in writing by month 2 because of exceptional circumstances they may enter the following year. If you think you can only fill one team in a particular discipline, then do not enter two teams.

17. The Organiser’s decision is final.