Well here we go, pages just for you.

Lets start with some basics, did you know that you have your own dedicated representative on the County committee? Well you do, his name is Stuart Barber, he is a qualified coach, shoots mainly compound (he calls his bow Shrek!) but is quite good at recurve as well.

At the moment he is working very hard to improve the lot of the juniors at Stortford Archery Club, his home club. As a relative newcomer to the sport he has not got any preconseived ideas of what junior archers “need” but is open to suggestions from the people that know the best, YOU! after all, some of you have been shooting for thirty years or more. Oops sorry, thirteen that should be.

So why do you shoot? what brings you back week after week? Or, have you stopped shooting for some reason but would like to carry on. Drop him an e-mail, I’m sure he twits about what he had for tea and puts inane comments on some facebook about getting up late for work and not doing his homework but lets start with good old fashioned e-mail. (When I started work, there was no such thing as e-mail and when mobile phones were first introduced, they were the size of a briefcase and cost as much as a small car! Ahh, the good old days).

Junior Badge Scheme…