Badge Scheme

Some of you who were at the last session of the recent Indoor Championships will have see me showing off the badges available to all County Juniors. The scheme has been agreed by all clubs in the County at their last meeting and now we have the details for you.

  1. The scheme is open to all junior archers affiliated to the Hertfordshire Archery Association.
  2. Age group is determined by an archers age on the day of the 3rd qualifying round.
  3. All scoring is to be conducted on official club or tournament scoresheets in accordance with GNAS rules of shooting.
  4. An archer may not claim for a lower award than that already achieved.
  5. Archers may claim for awards at a higher age group if they wish. (please note 4)
  6. With the exception of the Purple award, Clubs will be responsible for awarding badges to their archers, here is a form for them.
  7. At least one score sheet for a purple award must be from a record status event.
  8. Purple awards must be submitted using   this Purple Award form to the current HAA junior rep., the address is on the form.

It is up to you how far you want to go, want to collect the full set for your age group  or just go for the top, these are the scores you will be aiming for, good shooting.