New County Records – Sept 2018

Congratulations to all those who have had county records ratified this week, see New County Records – Sept 2018.

The archived record report has also been released. This lists all county records which are no longer being maintained, due to either the bow style or the round no longer being recognised. The report can be found here.

The new compound multi-spot and single-spot records have been incorporated into the recognised records and summarised in a report available here. These records have been produced from the available records held by the county. If you have evidence that you have historically shot a higher score then please complete the claim form for ratification. Until the next county committee meeting on 29th October, scores shot outside of the 6 month deadline will be accepted for these rounds.

Finally for all record claims, it was agreed that, as per the rules of shooting, all arrow score corrections should be initialed by a judge or another archer if shot on a club target day. If there is a correction, which is not initialed, the record claim will be rejected.

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Green Dragon Bowmen presents the 48th Green Dragon “500”

Sunday 11th November 2018 entry form now available here

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Hertfordshire Archery Association 67th County & Open Championships Sunday 22nd July 2018

Results of the Hertfordshire Archery Association 67th County & Open Championships Sunday 22nd July 2018

Please click on the link above for full results.

Many thanks go to all those archers who came to help set up on the previous day, Tony Ferguson, Ben Horner, Liam Fairweather, Sam Fairweather, Philippa Armitage, Nathan, Peter Sweetman, Paul Jackson and to Kevin Hill for helping me get equipment back into the County store after everyone had departed.10:30 is late enough I think.
Many thanks to our brilliant team of Judges.

I know everyone would like to thanks Graham Kates for being such a good field party. I hope the beer goes down well.

Thanks also go to James, Anne and Pippa Salmon for once again running the raffle tickets and refreshments.  Thanks to Carol Clark who help James on the day.

A special thanks to Tony Ferguson who made a great job in his first official duty since taking on the role of County President.

Many thanks to Andrew at Perris Archery who supplied a number of raffle prizes and all the target faces for the day.
For all the clubs who donated prizes for the raffle then many thanks

Many thanks to all the archers who braved the sunshine but did have iced water and buckets of coolish water to dunk their hats into. Lastly a massive and heartfelt thanks to Rachel Boynton, without her support and organising the judges lunches the tournament would have been much harder, and breath…

Without all the support the day before and one the day these events would be extremely hard to organise for you, So if you would be interested in organising an event then please contact the County committee who will make sure support is in place to help you along your journey.

Stuart Barber – HAA Chairman and Outdoor Tournament Organiser




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Squad and Open Coaching
Starting Monday 8th October 2018 – Squad and Open Coaching
Monday 22nd October
Monday 5th November
Monday 19th November
Monday 3rd December
Monday 17th December
Monday 7th Jan 2019
Monday 21st January
Monday 4th Feb
Monday 18th Feb
Monday 4th March
Monday 18th March 2019
The official address is:

Loreto College

Hatfield Road

St Albans


However, this is misleading as there is no access from Hatfield Rd.  The main entrance is in Upper Lattimore Road and the Gym can be clearly seen as you drive in.

To join squad contact
[email protected] as there are only 15 spaces – cost is £60 for 12 sessions.
To come to open coaching contact:
[email protected] and pay £6 per session, approx 8 spaces each session so your put name down
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