New County Records – July 2018

Congratulations to all those who had county records ratified last week, see New County Records – July 2018. 

At the last county committee meeting it was agreed that separate multi-spot and single-spot records would be held for indoor compound rounds. The claim procedure and form have been updated to reflect this decision. The list of records will be updated with these new records in due course.

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HAA County Champs Target List for 2018
Please see Target list for Sunday’s shoot. I apologise for the late publication but I have still had archers wishing to shoot up until this afternoon.
If you find any omissions or errors please let me know as soon as possible, please.
Would all archers who won a trophy last year please return it in a clean and sound manner.
All donations to the raffle would be most welcome especially from Hertfordshire County clubs, please.
Teas and coffees will be available throughout the day.
Where the Club just states “Bedfordshire County Team” it means you are listed as an archer shooting for Bedfordshire and you have not formally entered the tournament and as such will not be eligible for Open or Visitor awards. I am happy to change this upon receipt of the correct entry fee.
I hope you all have a really great day and I look forward to welcoming you all to Jobbers wood on Sunday.
Gates open approx 8 am.
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Junior Summer League Match Rules 2018

All juniors shooting in League matches will be entered into both the summer team league and the
individual league. The more you shoot the more chance you have of winning a medal.

1. The round will be a Short Metric; distance to be relevant to the juniors age on the day of the

2. The round will be shot under G.N.A.S rules.

3. Teams will consist of any number of archers for recurve, compound, longbow and barebow.
• If longbows or barebows score then they automatically have a plus handicap of 20% added
to each longbow/barebow score used.
• If compound archers shoot then the score for each compound will be deducted 10% from
the compound score used.
Although not totally fair it does give all archers irrespective of bow style the chance to compete

4. All matches are on the day matches, shot alongside the adult league match against the same

5. The home team is detailed first in the fixture. It is their responsibility to submit the match results
and all junior scores to the league organiser.

6. Results will be awarded for the top 3 juniors scoring after alterations for bow style have been
made. If less than 3 in a team then it will be the number who do turn up versus the top 3 of the
other team. If less than 3 turn up for both teams then it will be the maximum number per team
up to 3.

7. ALL SCORES MUST BE COUNTED for qualifying archers/numbers as rule 6 above. All scores
must be submitted for individual league tables

8. Match winners will be on the day and at the end of the season, we will also award individual
medals to juniors in age groups.

9. If the opposition fails to raise a Junior team, the win will be given to the team present on the day.

10. Points are awarded to teams as follows:
A win carries 10 points, with the losing team getting bonus points for each archer (up to a
maximum of 3). This may encourage them to shoot even if they believe they are unable to
Win = 10 points
Draw = 6 points
Loose = 1 point for each archer up to 3 points.
All juniors shooting in the league will be issued with a league participation medal at the end
of the season. These are made and given out by each club.

11. Results are to reach the organiser by the 7th day of the month following the match. Failure to
submit the result by this date will result in the match being awarded to the away team.

12. Archers can only shoot for the club that they have nominated through ArcheryGB

13. The Hertfordshire Archery Association must be the Archer’s first named county.

14. If a Hertfordshire Archer changes clubs within the county after the start of the league season
they will not be able to compete for their new club for the duration of the current season.

15. Only one score per archer will be accepted.

16. Archers may only compete as a Junior or a Senior, not as both.

17. The HAA County Junior Representative’s decision is final.

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County Champs
We have the County Champs coming up on 22nd July so if you haven’t entered already there’s still time to get your entry in, the entry form can be found by following the link below:
The County Champs also features the Herts v Beds Inter County Match, so we are looking for archers to put their scores in so that our selectors can choose a team.
To register your interest in being chosen for the County Team you need to complete the registration form which can be found here:
and then submit all your scores via this page:
Finally, if you decide you don’t want to shoot at the champs but you are free on the day we are desperately trying to get volunteers to act as ‘Field Party’.
This is a great opportunity for new archers who may not want to shoot at a big competition but by being part of the field party you will get an idea of what happens and you’ll be a great help to the County.
So if you’re free and can help out please get in touch and let me know.
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