Details of intercounty matches, such as how often they are held, and which team is due to host the event.

To be eligible for selection as a member of a Hertfordshire county team, archers must be affiliated to the Hertfordshire Archery Association.

If you wish to be considered for the county team please see our Selection Policy.

Matches in the current HAA calendar Results from previous matches are available on the Match History page.

Hertfordshire v Middlesex

The Hertfordshire versus Middlesex match is a Portsmouth Round and this year consists of four teams made up as follows, Compound 4 archers – all to count. Longbow 4 archers – all to count. Recurve 10 archers – top 8 to count but to include at least 1 member of the opposite sex, Juniors – 2 recurve both to count. Each County takes it in turn to host the event.

The 2022 meeting was hosted by Hertfordshire; results of the match click here Team Results.

The 2023 meeting will be hosted by Middlesex.

Hertfordshire v Bedfordshire

This Match is held as part of the host county’s championships. For even years (2020,2022, etc.) Hertfordshire host the event. The round is a York/Hereford with Bristols for juniors.

Senior Compound and Recurve teams must have at least one person of the opposite sex, with the Compound team consisting of up to 4 archers competing for the Carol Owen Trophy. Senior Recurve teams have 8 members and shoot for the Tom O’Neill Trophy. Senior Longbow requirements are a team of three Archers.

Junior Recurve (John Brown Trophy) and Compound teams are made up of up to 4 and 2 archers respectively. (please note that if a junior longbow archer submits scores higher than their recurve counterparts they will be considered for selection in that team).

For results from previous years just go to the Match History page.

Tri-Counties (Hertfordshire v Berkshire v Buckinghamshire)

The 2011 match will be hosted by Buckinghamshire, the teams will consist of 5 senior recurve archers, 3 senior compound archers, 3 senior longbow archers and 4 junior archers. It is normally held on the 2nd Sunday in August but this year is on 10th September. Further details will be sent out to those archers selected as soon as they become available.

SCAS Junior Inter-Counties Championships

To be held on 11th September 2011 this year alongside the senior match. the Recurve team consists of 5 archers and the Compound team of 4 archers the rounds shot are Bristols according to age.

SCAS Inter-Counties Championships

Held in Mid September, This tournament is open to each County in the SCAS region and is a York/Hereford round. The Recurve team consists of 5 archers of which the top 4 count. There must also be at least one member of the opposite sex included. Hertfordshire have an excellent record at this event and have finished in the medals 4 out of the last 5 years.